It's hard to relate to you,

2013, Mixed media installation / Performance

If there be spices in executing one's presence, what would be your mix? More towards the undeniable physical occupation or the cerebral construction technique. The daily life may urge us to shift between the two, and i am amazed that the same body, the same person, can balance between different qualities of being. But there are little openings that invite you to go further in a particular direction. Follow that path till an extreme end, and you may be poised by the flavor being-off-balance offers you. Keep pushing towards the end of the line, and you may gain a real sickness. You become that spicy being yourself. Really, at what stage does one little characteristic turn into a source of disease? Really, at what point will you sacrifice the boring balance for the sweet smell of the extreme?

"It's hard to relate to you," was made as a site-specific series of sculptures. Sculptures were activated with a performance, and then will exist in this garden for up to one year.