cooking show

2005, Mixed media installation / Performance

cooking show is a performance work about the bizarre fragmentation of the forms of cooking shows and cooking books, realized in a performance.

To boil down the essence of cooking procedures, cooking shows and cook books change the order of things, zoom in and out of details, and insert refreshing information here and there. Translating proximity and reordering of procedures back into the live, my cooking show results in further isolation and distortion of the cooking procedures.
The Long Utensils were made to be drawn out of the shaft way towards the basement, to cook up ingredients right in front of the audience members, and to be hung from the ceiling at the end. The impossibility of the long knife cutting a potato, or of the long fork reaching to cook with the flying pan up by the ceiling, is comical and recalls for sensation of such a mandane yet intricate act as handling a knife at a kitchen.

cooking show was a solo work, made to perform in a collaborative theater production with lower lights collective.

[Photo: Jeffrey Schiff]