Strange Attractors

2010, Mixed media installation / Performance

A Strange Attractor...

It's a mathematical concept, where a trajectory of a graph seems to be attracted to certain point(s)/line(s)/plane(s) in a seemingly unpredictable manner.

Does that exist in a life one experience? Can i observe that in my short life? And can i feel that math through my life?

Inspired by the mathematical concept of the Lorenz Attractor in Dynamical
Systems, Strange Attractors addresses topics including doughnuts, hemorrhoids and
psychics. The installation includes an arrangement of cafe tables,
doughnut-shaped cushions, industrial pipes, projectors and an audio system, as well
as multiple objects and video cameras suspended from the ceiling in red fishnet sacks.
With viewers crowded into the gallery space, the performance wove together
prepared material, spontaneous ad-libs and wide-ranging movements into a chaotic
narrative that brought audience, artwork and artist into dynamic contact with each

Performances of Strange Attractors are scheduled on the dates that include the numerals 6 and 9.