Burying Alive

2010, Mixed media installation / Performance

The exhibition space is covered in different patterned and colored carpets. Upon entering the space viewers hear a sound that does not seem to come from anyplace in particular. As they walk through the room, viewers gradually realize that the sound changes depending on which carpet they are standing, and almost begin to dance across the carpets as they play with the different sounds that emerge from them. In fact, I am observing the visitors through a surveillance camera from a room next to the exhibition space, and playing instruments in realtime in response to the positioning of their feet. Visitors are made aware of this situation through a TV monitor placed in a corner of the room. Since I am using my sight to identify the positioning of their feet and then creating sounds through bodily reactions, there are also occasional gaps in timing that occur when the visitors move quickly, but once they are aware of the system, the visitors experience a strange sense of confidence, and enjoy collaborating with me.

Installation view of the solo exhibition “Kneading,” at the Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, 2010