Fish Bone as Slang

2010 Mixed media installation / Video

A work made in Korea. I asked university students to make performances on the streets of Seoul, which I then filmed and presented on TV monitors. In front of the monitors I placed everyday items that I had acquired in Seoul, which I then filmed and scaled up into a large projection, so that due to the overlap of footage in the projection it appears as though the students are climbing on the everyday items. Without being told what kind of system would comprise the work, the students had been instructed to go out onto the streets and shake unsteadily. Ultimately presented as a part of the work through video in which they appear to be shaking on top of everyday items, the students experienced an uncanny sensation of the scale of their bodies and being physically connected to both the video and the world outside the video.

Installation view of the exhibition “Trust: Media City Seoul 2010,” at Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, 2010