Hang Meat

2009, Mixed media installation / Video

A television monitor displaying footage of the viewer is in turn filmed by a video camera and displayed on another monitor, which itself is again filmed and displayed on yet another monitor to create an installation comprising a total of 15 degrees of feedback. Using only the most basic functions for filming and playback of the video camera and monitor, the cameras do not in fact record anything. After passing through all the materials, the footage is ultimately projected in large-scale on a wall. All kinds of objects are suspended in front of the TV monitors, and moved by the breeze of an electric fan. The appearances of the objects and the viewers are gradually blurred and flattened through their repeated passage through the monitors and cameras. In passing through several sets of video cameras, the footage that is finally projected on the wall has a slight time lag with realtime.

Installation view of the exhibition“Summer Museum for All Ages: Art Everyday!!,” at the Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, 2009