Little Cammy

2010, Mixed media installation / Video

I first built a small hut in the exhibition space, which I then roll over with the help of several people. A video camera is attached to the window area of the hut so that I am constantly filmed in an upright position, while behind me furniture, paint, flour and other materials are scattered through the air as though they were in zero gravity. This work is one of several I have made for which I go to the exhibition space and make, film and display on site a work that appears to have a life of its own. Shaped like a long hallway, the exhibition space offered suitable space for rolling a hut-like structure. The work has significance as a work not in the objective of making itself but rather in that the action of rolling results in something beyond my intent as an artist, with the scattered elements inside the hut combining to produce a painterly effect.

Installation view of the solo exhibition “Kneading,” at the Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, 2010