Skunk Tunnel (Crawling into Inner Tube Hole through Barrel into Stomach)

2011, Mixed media installation / Video

A performance for which I turned the exhibition venue into a massive boardgame-like installation and then used myself as a game piece. Each square of the board is marked with a different direction, which I performed. For example, upon landing on the square marked "Mud" I would cover myself in mud, or landing on the square marked "Scream" I would scream out. Several days' worth of footage of this performance was projected alongside the installation. In performing within specific rules, the lines between freedom and control became blurred. This could also be called the productive system for making a sculpture in which I used myself as the material.

Installation view of the exhibition “Omnilogue: Alternating Currents Exhibition - Japanese Art After March 2011 - ," at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2011
Courtesy of PICA and Japan Foundation ©Taro Izum