Tickled in a dream… maybe?

2014, Mixed media installation / Video

Taro Izumi investigates how different environmental and social conditions shape human behavior. For this project, he found images of atheletes in action, which he used as the basis for making sculptural apparatuses that recreate the poses of the atheletes. Asking models to sit in the apparatuses, Izumi humourously shows the complex forces required to maintain the athletes' positions. Viewed through the bodies of the models, the elegant, dynamic poses of the atheletes appear highly restrictive and uncomfortable. The works comment on the cognitive gaps between media and reality, and also deal with elemental sculptural concerns such as gravity and the body. In this way, they use humble, everyday materials to invert and visualize the negative space of the classic sculptural figure.

Tickled in a dream...maybe? (Fishing)
Tickled in a dream...maybe? (Elephant-rolling)